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This is some of what we do...
On/Off Hire & Damage Surveys


On and off hire surveys are conducted when a vessel enters into charter and when it returns from charter, respectively.  The surveys determine the extent of damage, other than fair wear and tear, which may have occurred to the vessel while on charter and to which the party chartering the vessel is liable. 

The surveys typically consist of a visual inspection of the holds, main deck, cargo working areas and may extend to the status of class and flag state certificates, ship's stores, accommodation spaces, and bunkers in the case of cargo and tank vessels.

What appears to be an innocuous inset of the hull plate on the exterior can cause serious structural degradation on the interior.  In the photo above, with little apparent damage to the adjacent exterior hull plate, the outboard vertical stanchion of a truss has been crushed, rolled, and fractured creating a weak spot in overall structural integrity which, left as it is, could lead to progressive damage to the associated framing and plate. 

Don't get saddled with repair costs for which your company might not be responsible.

Certificate of Inspection (COI)


We have taken over twenty vessels through the initial certification process, with each issued a COI as an SPV (small passenger vessel, under 100 gross tons, and no more than 150 passengers).  In the case of new construction, this involved vessel design and plan development, construction oversight, stability testing, and sea trials - all completed to Coast Guard satisfaction.


We have also successfully converted numerous existing boats to SPV service - again, all to Coast Guard satisfaction, and assisted many more with their re-certification process.

Most commercial passenger vessel operators have better things to do than wade through the CFR's to ensure compliance.  You concentrate on running your business, leave the wading to us.

Steven Rayow, Owner, Captain Steve's Tours


"Thanks again for getting that survey out to me in a timely fashion I appreciate the points of interest you pointed out and look forward to... using you again... in the future thank you..."

James G., commercial fisherman.

Cargo Surveys


Our cargo survey reports typically include a preliminary report providing a brief of our first findings and, after all relevant information has been gleaned, we issue a final report providing our client with the necessary information to reach claim settlement. 


While our experience is typically with over water shipments extending from multi-thousand ton loads of rolled steel, as seen above, to bulk cargoes, such as cement, we have also provided survey reports for antique furniture damaged during international household goods shipments and fine artwork which arrived at the client museum in damaged condition.

"Marc guided us through the maze of CG regulations in order to convert our 55 ft recreational vessel into a beautiful, functional and professional passenger vessel with a COI for up to 49 passengers and crew of 2. Through ever aspect of the refit Marc was there to see that everything was properly done and we are thankful that we found him."

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