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A small, hard-working, knowledgeable, and customer centric marine consulting firm based in the Tampa Bay area but with global influence.  Established in 2001, we specialize in US Coast Guard inspected passenger vessel support and certification, for more information click on Services tab.
Marc Redshaw, Chief Warrant Officer (Bosn), US Coast Guard (Ret)

Founder and Principal

Marc brings thirty-one years of US Coast Guard experience to the table.


Since retiring from active duty, Marc has continued to assist the marine industry in numerous ways.  In addition to providing ISM Code auditing, surveying, and USCG certification consulting services to the commercial marine industry, he was also a contracted inspector for the US Coast Guard's Recreational Boating Product Assurance Branch, where, in the course of over two thousand factory visits, he ensured boat manufacturers were in compliance with applicable regulations such as those for safe loading, safe powering, electrical, fuel, ventilation, and navigation lights.


Prior to retiring from active duty, Marc served as a Coast Guard Marine Inspector, during which time he was responsible for enforcing maritime safety, pollution prevention, structural engineering, firefighting, and lifesaving regulations, among others, while conducting inspections on over seven hundred passenger vessels, oil/chemical tankers, and cargo ships. 


In addition to the above, Marc has eleven years seagoing search, rescue, and law enforcement experience while serving in various leadership roles on four cutters, including officer-in-charge.  

Dora Maria Lomelin de Redshaw

Project Manager, Vessel Valuator and Training Coordinator

Dora, keeps everything on an even keel, she is also our ASHI certified First-Aid, CPR, and AED trainer, State of Florida court certified Spanish interpreter, AND assistant delivery captain.


Despite this heavy load she still manages to find time to tend her pepper garden and make the best hot sauce this side of Jalisco!



Dora Redshaw

Project Manager and Training Coordinator

Office Security Coordinator
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“As mentioned, we speak Coast Guard, allow us to assist you with an understanding of, and compliance with, the manyfold regulatory requirements found in today's marine operating environment including initial certification, stability testing, and ongoing inspection processes." 

Marc Redshaw, Principal, Redshaw Marine

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