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Internal Structural Surveys, Hull Surveys, and representation during USCG Examinations.
Sun Cruz Casinos, Sea Sub Systems, Miss Virginia Deep Sea Fishing, Hubbard's Marina, and others.


Typically a boat, if lacking proper preventive maintenance, dies from the inside out, usually wooden boats are the quickest to succumb, followed closely by steel, cold-molded fiberglass, aluminum, and wood-cored fiberglass, generally, emphasis on generally, in that order. 


Avoid the shock of unexpected down time during the height of season because a marine inspector has noticed hull pitting, a wasted frame, tripped brackets, or broken welds of which you were unaware. We can provide periodic and pre-USCG inspection examinations that apprise you of your vessel's condition, providing you the peace of mind that comes from knowing there will be no surprises, for you, when the Coast Guard visits.


Additionally, on occasion, well intentioned, but inexperienced, Coast Guard marine inspectors may misdiagnose the condition of your vessel, resulting in a requirement to conduct expensive, time consuming, and unneccesary repairs.  The above mentioned boat owners have found that having Redshaw Marine on site during Coast Guard inspections has saved them tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary repairs, and allowed an expedited return to vessel operations.

Condition and Valuation Survey, with expected longevity of hull addendum for the Small Business Administration.
St. Johns Rivership Co., Sanford, FL. 


Redshaw Marine provided a condition and valuation survey report and developed a comprehensive preventative maintenance and material upkeep addendum, providing the SBA with an expectation of vessel service longevity.

A brief synopsis of the services Redshaw Marine has provided the marine industry, and can provide your company. 


New Build Small Passenger Vessels
Sea Rocket Boats, Inc.


Redshaw Marine nurtured 13 Sea Rocket 33's through the entire USCG certification process from plan development, and USCG plan approval for the hull structure and all on board systems, construction, including material properties testing of hull laminates, stability testing, and certification as 14 passenger and 2 crew, 50+ mph thrill boats.


I don't mind saying so myself, these are some sharp looking boats.

Initial Certification, as a USCG small passenger vessel, of an existing recreational vessel.  
Captain Steve's Tours, Madeira Beach, FL.


When Captain Steve Rayow decided to expand his charter fleet, he invested in Shamayem (Heaven), a recreationally built Blue Water 55. Redshaw Marine was there, every step of the way, leading Captain Steve through the intricacies of Coast Guard regulations to passenger vessel certification and a stability letter for 49 passengers and 2 crew.


Shamayem can now be seen plying the waters of Tampa Bay with decks full of happy customers.

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